AAWGT: Over 10 years of making a difference in our community!

The AAWGT Endowment Fund

Securing a brighter future for all women and families!

Since 2011, the AAWGT Endowment Fund has offered an exciting opportunity to expand our philanthropy and provide enduring support for our grant-making mission. This fund, held and managed by the Community Foundation of Anne Arundel County (CFAAC), was originally seeded in 2011 with a $25,000 gift from a member who wished to remain anonymous. During the first year, AAWGT members rose to the challenge and matched the donation, doubling the endowment to $50,000. In 2012 the endowment began generating an annual distribution into AAWGT’s Grants Fund.

During the past six years, about 90 individuals have contributed to the endowment, their donations ranging from $15 to $1,000. Some have contributed to honor birthdays or the memory of a special person or event; some have ‘rounded up’ their membership amount; others leveraged matching donations from employers; and still others have included a contribution as part of their year-end giving.

These contributions to the endowment have made possible the distribution of over $22,000 of additional grant dollars since 2012 as follows:

  • 2012: $2,586
  • 2013: $3,272
  • 2014: $3,380
  • 2015: $3,393
  • 2016: $3,116
  • 2017: $3,208
  • 2018: $3,621

As AAWGT members, we are proud of the legacy our endowment provides to our community, ensuring that the work of strengthening and improving the lives of women and families will continue well beyond all of our lifetimes.

AAWGT’s Endowment Fund balance now stands at over $120,000. These endowed funds complement — but are uniquely different from — our Lifetime Membership Endowed Funds whose total balance exceeds $80,000. As we look to the future, we hope you too will join us!

Please show your support — Donate Today!  A fee is added by the credit card processing company for all online contributions. Please consider increasing your donation (by $20 for Full Members and $10 for Associate Members) to cover this additional administrative cost. Thank you.

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